Digital Enablement Platform™

A single point of access into a range of mobile payments solutions spanning multiple technologies and mobile platforms.

  • Mobile Payments
  • Tokenisation
  • EMV Enablement
  • PIN Management

Mobile Payments

End-to-end support for cloud-based (HCE) payments and network/vendor payment models, combining Proxama’s trusted and mature EMV components with Token and Credential Management. Self-contained for simple integration with existing issuer systems. For more information, download our Solution Paper.


EMVCo-compliant Token Server providing full Token Service Provider support for mobile payments and e-commerce. Stand-alone tokenisation service provider for card-on-file applications.

EMV Enablement

Easily implemented EMV component suite retaining investment in existing systems while upgrading to full EMV support. For more information, download our Solution Paper.

PIN Management

Centralised, secure management of all PIN and credential lifecycle events, and elimination of PIN Mailers through electronic distribution. For more information, download our Solution Paper.

Payment Application Manager

Mobile payment app provisioning, activation and lifecycle management supporting multiple apps and devices. Token support from integration with Proxama’s Tokenisation Manager.

Payment Application Manager

Data preparation, security and lifecycle management for card issuing. Configurable profiles for any EMV or other smart card application on any type of chip, with multiple application capability and post-issuance update.

Tokenisation Manager

Token generation and storage for mobile app provisioning, and de-tokenisation for transaction processing.

EMV Transaction Manager

EMV transaction authentication for mobile authorisation requests from secure element and cloud-based payment apps, with HCE key validation based on configurable rule sets.

EMV Transaction Manager

EMV transaction authentication, configurable analytics and advanced EMV scripting in a plug-in component that easily integrates with an exiting authorisation system.

HCE Credential Manager

Limited and single-use HCE key replenishment, transaction analytics and exception processing based on configurable risk management profiles.

Mobile SDK

Visa Ready HCE payment SDK for integration with a wallet or mobile banking app. Secured by white box crypto, and can be deployed in a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).

Proxama PIN Manager

Modern, secure processing of PIN and other digital credential lifecycles, delivered in a flexible, modular package.

Functions include: generation, secure storage, verification, change and unblock, EMV online/offline synchronisation, e-distribution via web, mobile and SMS.

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