The Canary has landed: Norwich cements its position among the top UK Tech clusters

13th February 2015

Visitors to Norwich will be well aware of our beautiful countryside, historic city, cultural heritage, and of course Delia. But as a pioneer of digital technology and innovative start-ups Norwich has – to date – been eclipsed by other regional clusters, particularly London’s Tech City.

This is changing. This month, the city added another string to its bow and was recognised as one of the top UK clusters contributing towards the UK’s digital economy.

A recently published report by Tech City UK, Tech Nation, recognises the work of digital companies across the UK. It identified that 13% of all new businesses set up in Norwich are digital businesses spanning telecommunications, media and advertising as well as the software space. London’s Tech City has long been heralded as the heart of UK innovation, but with this report, we are able to celebrate other tech clusters that are home to up-and-coming digital companies.

Norwich is fast becoming a hub of innovation with a vibrant community that is passionate about pushing the boundaries when it comes to innovation, and taking bold decisions when it comes to achieving success.

In its coverage of Tech Nation, BBC Look East recognised Proxama as one of the pillars of the Norwich tech scene. For over a decade we have been central to Norwich’s digital economy contributing to this success, and developing industry-leading mobile proximity and payments technology.

Our mobile proximity project, Loka – taking place within Norwich City Centre – has helped put part of our proposition into practise, and we’re excited by how it is unfolding and the prospect of what it holds for the future. Projects like this showcase the economic and social importance that digital technologies can bring to areas like Norwich, and is key to help develop towns and cities nationwide.

In 2015 we see a market ready to embrace the next generation of mobile proximity commerce, and with our heritage and expertise Proxama is at the forefront of this new digital wave.

All future tech innovation will be driven by mobile and commerce is no exception. We are only scraping the surface of what can be achieved in proximity payments, mobile commerce and the digital wallet. Proxama’s innovation may have its roots St James’ Mill, but it is continuing to take on the world, and our success will come hand in hand with Norwich’s growing prominence as a leading UK tech hub. The canary has truly landed!

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Watch the interview with BBC Look East here.


Neil Garner, CEO & Founder, Proxama