City of Liverpool Stands on the Shoulders of Giants Following Digital Success

12th August 2014

LONDON, UK, 13th August 2014: Liverpool is one of the first cities to use mobile digital proximity technology to enhance visitor experience with venues and events concurrently across the city. The mobile app, I’m@app, uses beacon and geo-fencing technology to enrich visitors’ experience of arts and culture by providing timely and relevant content to the visitor based on their location in the city and its wide cultural offering.

There is a real breadth of participation including the International Festival of Business (IFB), Liverpool Vision, Nation Museums Liverpool and Liverpool Biennial, who are providing visitors with an interactive library of insightful content and information about exhibitions. The app received almost 3,000 downloads overnight following its launch on 22nd July, ahead of Royal de Luxe’s second Giants exhibition which opened that weekend.

The first of its kind to be available on both Android and iOS, the content-driven app provides visitors of the city’s galleries and museums with material about the cultural exhibitions taking place. Visitors coming to Liverpool can choose to tap and download the app using NFC and QR code enabled SmartPosters, or download the app from iTunes store and Google Play. Visitors become part of the digital experience as they enter the designated Bluetooth Beacon zone enabled by geo-fencing technology. Participating visitors receive messages straight to their smartphone with exclusive content provided by the creators of the city’s top arts and culture venues including Giants and ‘Dazzle Ship’. These messages are prompted as visitors walk past the Beacons located within this 37.6km² zone.

The roll out was made possible via a collaboration between arts and entertainment insight specialists Purple Seven and mobile proximity commerce company Proxama. The solution can be adapted to exhibitions and events of varying sizes across individual venues or regions, to meet the growing trend within the arts and entertainment sector for greater interactivity.

Combining Purple Seven’s vision to create an enriching experience for visitors as well as their inherent understanding of the Arts and Entertainment industry and Proxama’s platform expertise with Beacon and geo-fencing technology, the reach of the solution is an industry first. This collective experience will provide venues with unprecedented levels of insight about how visitors interact with exhibitions and events to improve the visitor experience and build loyalty.

Edwina Dunn, Investor & Director, Purple Seven: “We wanted to provide a simple and intuitive way for visitors that would breathe new life into the arts and entertainments industry and Liverpool has provided a great way to explore these new possibilities. We’ve been able to combine a wealth of great content with cutting edge technology and can subsequently provide our clients with data that will help them better understand their visitors, and make decisions about how to make future exhibitions as captivating as possible.”

Miles Quitmann, CCO, Proxama comments: “Liverpool attracts thousands of visitors each year, and events such as the ones at the IFB present a great opportunity to showcase what is possible when the power of mobile proximity engagement is deployed properly. The solution has the potential to impact individual, regional and national locations, transforming cities up and down the country into an immersive, interactive and insightful cultural experience for all involved.”

Over the course of the initial four days of the project (23rd-26th July), the total sessions of returning visitors stood at 10,512.

The beta project will run until the end of October 2014.