The future of outdoor advertising: Low energy, high impact

18th May 2015

The DailyDOOH Media Summit is taking place tomorrow and promises to promote, stimulate, foster and actively encourage change. The past year has already seen great strides within the Out of Home (OOH) landscape with the rise of digital and location based advertising taking centre stage.

The idea of contextual advertising based on a consumer’s environment has now become reality with the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons providing brands and retailers with a dynamic way to connect with consumers. This particular example of change happening within the OOH community represents a way of delivering content from advertising networks direct to the consumer via their smartphone; a method which we expect will become very popular, very quickly.

As sponsors of the DailyDOOH, Proxama believes in the importance of facilitating change within the OOH landscape and as such have recently partnered with Eye Airports, the UK’s Airport Advertising Experts, to deliver location-based content via the Proxama Network. This partnership will allow us to enable brands and retailers to capitalize on the opportunities that come with mobile proximity marketing.

The first phase of this partnership will include 200 Bluetooth low-energy beacons across 8 UK airports including London Gatwick. Using Proxama’s proximity technology, the network of beacons will be used to deliver timely and targeted beacon notifications to passengers during periods of dwell time.

Partnerships like this means that existing digital displays continue to evolve to provide retailers and brands with an opportunity to bolster their propositions and create additional revenue streams. Above all, it provides another way to better understanding how consumers behave, based on their exact location and movement, which will in turn underpin further change.


Jon Worley, CEO of Proxama Marketing