Everything you need to know about TFM&A 2015 and Proxama, but were too afraid to ask…

20th February 2015

We all know the drill with trade shows. Travel to an aircraft hangar of a venue; work your way through the crowds to get a decent cup of coffee; cut through the noise to try and have a productive conversation only to realise that you’ve forgotten your business cards. So with TFMA 2015 looming, you might be wondering whether you can face battling the District Line out to Olympia for yet another trade show.

Here at Proxama we take a different view; in fact we can hardly wait!

Proxama is redefining mobile proximity marketing, retail and the connected high street. We bridge the gap between a brand’s physical and digital assets to increase consumer engagement and achieve measurable returns and we’re causing genuine disruption to the market in the process.

Our focus at TFM&A will be to show how brands and retailers can futureproof their marketing strategies to deliver targeted campaigns that are tailored for the context, location, behaviour and profiles of the connected consumer. If you still have questions about the effectiveness of mobile proximity marketing, we will running a competition for your brand to be in with a chance of winning a £2,500 Bluetooth Low Energy beacon pilot, to show how we can make it work for you.

Our most recent project includes working with Norwich BID to launch our app Loka; an app that uses mobile proximity marketing technologies such as beacons and NFC so that shoppers can benefit from exclusive content and offers while they visit the city centre. There are already 110 beacon enabled locations participating in the Loka experience and we’ll be sharing our advice on how brands can use mobile proximity marketing to drive footfall and increase sales.

At the show, we’ll be re-creating this experience, with live demos and working apps to showcase how we are making the connected lifestyle a reality today. Our booth will be kitted out to showcase how these technologies are changing the way brands maximise areas of high dwell time to create dynamic connections with consumers and how they can convert these connections into loyalty and ultimately increase sales.

Come join us at Stand F40 to visit our connected high street and experience what the connected consumer experiences; from the minute they jump on the bus to when they get to their favourite cafe to redeem an exclusive offer.  See how we are making the mobile the central part of this experience – from engagement to payment to loyalty.

Look forward to seeing you there (just don’t forget your business cards).

Contact us to hear more or book an appointment at TFM&A 2015 by emailing hello@proxama.com.


Jon Worley, CEO of Proxama Marketing