Manchester smart transportation innovation contract win

1st March 2017


Proxama to receive £0.3m grant from Innovate UK

Contract extends beacon network to Manchester

Working in partnership with Cisco


Proxama PLC, (AIM: PROX), the mobile commerce company specialising in proximity marketing, is pleased to announce it is part of a collaboration that has been awarded a contract from Innovate UK, the UK’s Innovation agency, to design and implement a smart transportation model for the Greater Manchester City Region.

The collaboration, which includes Cisco, the worldwide technology leader, and Purple, Movement Strategies, Transport for Greater Manchester and Sustainable Environment Ltd will deliver a proof of concept solution that will enable Transport for Greater Manchester to better address the challenge of providing transport services to fit demand.

Proxama’s role in the project, which will be funded by a £0.3m grant, is to develop context-aware location-based marketing services to benefit travellers. As part of this initiative, Proxama will expand its network of Bluetooth Low Energy beacons in to Manchester, to gather location-based data, alongside other proximity technologies such as Wi-Fi, and help to better match transport services to public demand.

This is the fourth grant awarded by Innovate UK to Proxama. The project will commence in Q2 2017 and the £0.3 million grant will be paid out to Proxama over 18 months.

John Kennedy, CEO of Proxama, said, “This project demonstrates the value of our technology and our ability to support smarter, targeted marketing services. This contract will also allow us to significantly increase the number of beacons that we have outside of London. Having more beacons means we are able to help brands to reach more consumers in a targeted way, and gather more data.”