Proxama announces Eddystone compatibility to enhance mobile proximity technology offering

8th December 2015

Ubiquity and ease supports smart city and IoT opportunities


London, 8 December 2015: Proxama PLC (AIM: PROX), the leading mobile proximity marketing experts, today announced enhanced product compatibility to include Eddystone, the open beacon format from Google. The upgrade to Proxama’s TapPoint® Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) increases the scale, reach and capabilities of mobile proximity solutions and ensures Proxama maintain their leading position in the Proximity Marketing Technology market.

The use of beacon technology to support proximity marketing is seen as a key constituent of ‘smart cities’, as brands and other organisations utilise the IoT (Internet of Things) to better communicate, understand and engage with their audiences.

The Proxama Network™ is the UK’s largest independent network of Bluetooth beacons. The upgrade to Proxama’s technology is significant for two reasons:

  • Scale & reach: The Proxama Network can now more easily on-board third party beacon networks and open up TapPoint® capabilities to other network owners. With Proxama, brands have one point of access to both Android and iOS platforms across the largest network of beacons, significantly boosting scale and reach.
  • Capabilities: Eddystone opens up significant new capabilities as it supports multiple broadcast “frame types”, suitable for various types of deployment. Touted by analysts as vital to the future of smart city initiatives and IoT concepts, is telemetry data reporting directly from the beacons. The reports will allow for better monitoring and pre-emptive management of the network.

“Eddystone has been tipped as a key technology to open up the possibilities for smart city initiatives and the Internet of Things. We’re excited to be one of the first to include Eddystone support in our TapPoint Mobile SDK as it massively increases the potential for beacon technology to help engage with consumers in the future, across a wide variety of channels and concepts,” said Jon Worley, CEO of the Proxama Proximity Marketing Division. “There is no doubt that since the launch of Eddystone, the demand for beacons to be deployed at scale has accelerated due to the ability for the potential for brands to engage when a mobile app is not present. With this upgrade, Proxama will continue to lead the way in future developments of proximity based engagement technologies.”

The upgrade to Proxama’s technology is a significant milestone as the company seeks to help organisations capitalise on ‘smart cities’ and IoT trends. Proxama is a pioneer in smart city mobile innovation, recently receiving £1m in grant funding from Innovate UK for beacon-enabled smart city commerce solution, Loka.