Proxama and Eye Airports Bring Mobile Proximity Technologies to the UK’s Biggest Airports

2nd October 2014

London, UK – 02 October 2014: Proxama PLC (AIM: PROX), the global mobile proximity marketing, loyalty and NFC payments company today announced its partnership with Eye Airports, the UK’s largest airport advertising network, to provide its mobile proximity marketing platform TapPoint® across UK airports.

Using Proxama’s TapPoint® platform, Eye Airports will deploy mobile proximity engagement and loyalty campaigns across its large advertising network, which connects over 100 million passengers. Eye Airports pioneered the use of mobile connectivity to their HD digital airport advertising two years ago and now further enhances its mobile proposition of next generation Out-Of-Home (OOH) technology by using TapPoint®. The partnership will enable advertisers to extend their traditional OOH campaigns on to mobile to offer highly effective brand-to-consumer engagement. The platform will also provide advanced analytics to measure how, when and where passengers respond to advertising to determine how successful campaigns are and establish a return on investment.

Miles Quitmann, Chief Commercial Officer, Proxama commented: “With Eye Airports’ strong media footprint and presence throughout the UK, this partnership has allowed us to extend our expertise in using mobile proximity technologies in different large scale environments such as stadiums and high streets, to now include airports. This is an exciting and significant partnership for us and consolidates our strategy of building relationships with infrastructure owners to deploy mobile engagement capabilities via TapPoint®.”

Mark James, Operations & Development Director, Eye Airports commented: “We know that passengers are often faced with high dwell times within airports and as such our objective has always been to strategically place media to connect and engage consumers with brands. With the proliferation of smart devices, our strategy needs to remain relevant, and with TapPoint we are able to provide our customers with the ability to further engage with passengers by extending campaigns to mobile. Proxama’s technology, expertise and vast experience within the OOH media sector made them the natural partner of choice to achieve this objective rapidly.”