Unacast’s Proxbook Rank Proxama the No.1 Proximity Solution Provider in the world.

9th November 2016

On 8th November 2016, Unacast released their Proxbook Q3 report on Proximity marketing in airports and transportation 2016. The conclusion voted Proxama as the top proximity solutions provider globally.

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The proximity marketing world is fast becoming the top future technology for businesses to engage with; along with Bluetooth beacons and Physical Web. Google reported in 2016 that on average 50% of users have Bluetooth on, helping to unlock the benefits awaiting consumers via Beacons. Because of this, proximity solution providers are continuing to broaden their product portfolio and are adding more value to their solutions. These benefits are used by more that 15 different industries; the top 5 being retail, shopping malls, hotels and tourism, stadiums & sports and Airports.

Earlier this year Proxama worked with Mapway to deploy the largest iBeacon consumer transport experience on London buses. Proxama integrated beacon mobile SDK’s into Mapway’s bus times London app to deliver real-time travel updates and contextual in-app ads for the reachable consumer audience of half a million during their travels. The results showed a 45% unique Click Through Rate (CTR) on utility led notifications and a 9-15% CTR across interstitial adverts served.

Beacon technology within transport is still growing; with 84% of global airports set to be running a pilot or implementing beacon technology by 2019 and 50% of those global airports already planning to capitalize on beacon data.

Read the full report here.

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