What’s New in Payments?

17th February 2017

That’s a pretty broad question and let’s face it, the answer is changing every day!

After spending a lot of time at the ‘coal face’ helping our customers launch new mobile payment services, we’ve recently been looking at where the market is going and Tokenisation has been a key topic.

Tokenisation is becoming a key enabler to support a range of new payment use cases from protecting card details in ecommerce transactions, securing data for mobile payment and allowing a wider range of devices and appliances to participate in online commerce.

We’ve been helping assess different uses of Tokenisation including in-house deployments to meet customer specific closed-loop requirements and network based solutions such as Visa VTS and Mastercard MDES to support open-loop services.

It’s curious how the underlying concepts and models of Tokenisation are now cropping up in different places ranging from PSD2 to IoT.

We’ve recently contributed to an NFC World report on the topic and are very pleased to see a range of other articles from industry experts on these topics.

Access to the full whitepaper is available on our website here, or to read the article click here.