Winners! Proxama awarded Outstanding IT Initiative for proximity marketing technology

17th November 2015

Loka recently won the Eastern Daily Press award for ‘Outstanding IT initiative’.  A win that by the judging standards, set us apart from the competition as a product that has harnessed the power of digital technologies including: mobile, social, cloud big data and the underlying internet to build or transform business models.

As a leading technology firm, specialising in proximity marketing via mobile, we at Proxama, believe ourselves to genuinely be at the cutting edge of innovation; pushing greater engagement between business and customer.

Loka in essence, is a mobile application that enables merchants to engage shoppers using Bluetooth beacon technology delivering promotions and information as they pass by their stores. Using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology the beacon and the app ‘talk’ to one another delivering contextually relevant, real-time promotions to the customer.

We have, over the past year, been validating some features of this network, deploying a community, loyalty and information service but on a local scale; with such a diverse and technology rich city on our doorstep, Norwich was the right choice for such a proposition and will remain the blueprint city for any future R&D. This gives us a unique ability to test any new proximity services prior to rolling out across the Proxama Network: the biggest, independent beacon network in the UK.

This has been a hugely successful project to date, and the success of an initial 6 month pilot and the take-up of the product has led to further £1m funding from Innovate UK to continue developing the Loka service further over the next 2 years. Providing an ever improving consumer experience, scalable services within a city, real time targeting to ensure the consumer receives the right message at the right time and improved insights to enable more effective consumer marketing.

It’s an amazing time to be driving proximity services and the ambition for both project and product will be a proven service that provides a true return on investment for smart cities/Internet of Things (IoT) and driving the development and innovation of our UK proximity network. A network designed to deliver intelligent, proximity targeting, ensuring personalised content is highly engaging, relevant and timely to create strong consumer demand – reaching the consumer at the right time, in the right place and in the right frame of mind.





Sophie Lynn, Account Manager, Proxama