Proxama’s NFC Mobile Payments Solution


Proxama’s Cloud Based Payments solution enables issuers to add NFC mobile payment capability to a new app or existing phone app, without the need for the traditional Trusted Service Manager infrastructure.

Cloud Based Payment uses the Host Card Emulation (HCE) functionality in Android phones to allow issuers to provision and manage their own NFC payment application without being dependent on networks or the XPays, i.e. Apple, Android or Samsung Pay.

Proxama’s solution is delivered through our Digital Enablement Platform and uses a Visa and MasterCard certified HCE SDK for the mobile app.

By choosing Proxama’s HCE Mobile Payments solution you will:

  • Retain control over payment app provisioning, including in-house tokenisation
  • Differentiate your customers’ payment experience
  • Have full control over pricing of these services now and in the future.

Find out how Proxama can help with your Mobile Payment needs, by contacting us today or downloading our solutions paper.