The UK’s largest independent network of Bluetooth beacons

We specialise in transport based mobile proximity services, using beacons to engage users via mobile in moments of high dwell.

Our award-winning mobile technology platform, TapPoint®, enables brands to interact more effectively with consumers across transport networks and high footfall destinations, such as shopping mall, stadiums and city centres and events.

Our partners

  • BlowUp Media
  • Exterion Media
  • Ubiquitous
  • Qaboo
  • Red Kiosk
  • Primesight
  • Mapway
  • Kontakt
  • Mobile Media Group
  • Limited Space

Using our network, you can:

  • Deliver relevant, highly engaging content straight to consumer’s mobiles as they enter our proximity hot spots
  • Engage your app users by adding contextualised engagement messaging
  • Target consumers when in periods of high dwell time and in a mind-set to engage with your brand

Your mobile strategy, our platform

Our highly flexible TapPoint® Mobile SDK supports iBeacon and Eddystone on both Android and iOS applications. Integrate and deploy proximity marketing campaigns across our network or your own, quickly and easily.

  • Online and Offline – never miss a consumer engagement opportunity
  • Controlled notification delivery – set time parameters on engagements
  • Anti-spam – limit how many times a consumer receives a notification over a period of time

Campaign management made easy

We offer both fully managed and self-serve solutions for implementing your mobile proximity marketing campaigns. All underpinned by our award-winning campaign and infrastructure management platform, TapPoint®.

  • Cloud based campaign management enables fast and accurate activation
  • Define start and end dates to integrate alongside other campaigns
  • Multi-user access levels for your team or 3rd parties
  • Simple integration APIs to link into your existing campaign management systems

Intelligent consumer insight from hyper-local data

TapPoint® analytics will ensure you always know who, what, where and when with regards to measuring ROI of your mobile proximity marketing campaign, especially when combined with your own mobile app data.

  • Track footfall and map consumer audience figures at individual locations
  • Identify hot spots and measure time spent at designated locations
  • Campaign reporting, including notifications sent and click-through rates

Who we work with


Media Owners

Beacon enable your media assets to extend the reach of your audience onto mobile.


Location Owners

Engage your visitors at destinations such as shopping malls, stadiums, city centres and events.


Mass Transport Operators

Improve millions of customer journeys taken each day by providing unique live travel updates and contextual notifications on mobile.


App Owners

Become partner and drive new revenue streams and increase user engagement with your app.



Engage your target audience via mobile when they are in times of dwell.



Get better ROI for your clients by incorporating mobile proximity marketing into your integrated campaigns.

Proxama supports iBeacon and Google Eddystone

Our mobile proximity platform TapPoint® is compatible with both Apple iBeacon, and Eddystone - the open beacon format from Google.

Google certified beacon partners

As launch partners on Google’s official Location Services Providers programme, our TapPoint® platform has been fully certified by Google to support their beacon platform, Proximity Beacon API and Nearby Messages APIs, and allows clients to take full advantage of the following features:

  • Eddystone specification beacons that broadcast the Eddystone Generic Attribute Profile (GATT) service
  • Deliver all four frame types to mobile devices, including UID, URL, TLM and EID
  • Register beacons using Google’s Proximity Beacon API and retrieve beacon attachments using Google’s Nearby API
  • Monitor the health of beacons through the Proximity Beacon API's diagnostic endpoint to detect battery levels and determine whether a beacon has been moved
  • Enable Physical Web experiences, allowing consumers to “walk up and use” any mobile web based service

    Read more about our Google certification

    Read our blog about 'MyStop', our live Physical Web experience

    Innovation with the smartest technologies

    TapPoint® has everything you need for your consumer mobile marketing strategy – from QR and Near Field Communication (NFC) to the latest innovation in Bluetooth beacons and physical web.

    Create your own network

    Install beacons in your own locations to target consumers with personalised, relevant and timely content, to create a more engaging experience with your brand.

    Proximity network management you can trust

    TapPoint® provides a comprehensive range of services for managing scalable proximity networks. Including mobile apps to assign locations, beacon configuration and performance alerts. Open APIs enable network operators to rapidly integrate TapPoint® into your own systems.

    Become part of it

    Contact us to find out more about enhancing your
    media assets with the power of proximity, or to utilise
    the network as part of your mobile proximity
    marketing strategy.


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