ARM® ‘Click and Pay’

Case study

"Proxama collaborated with ARM® to prototype and develop functions that prove the security capability of NFC and mobile wallet technologies"


Security and perceived security risks are the most significant barriers to mobile payments adoption. To address this and help consumer education, Proxama has collaborated with ARM®, the world’s leading semiconductor IP supplier, to prototype and develop functions that prove the security capability of NFC and mobile wallet technologies.


We combined ARM® TrustZone® technology with Proxama mobile wallet components to produce a prototype displaying a purchase being carried out via an Internet merchant. The payment was performed using a password, as you would with a “Chip & PIN” style transaction.

TrustZone® technology allows secure passcode entry on a mobile device. The passcode on the cardholder’s handset cannot be intercepted by other programs because it’s never available un-encrypted outside of TrustZone® – protecting it from any software attack.

At the merchant’s checkout, the website sends details of the transaction to the cardholder’s phone. This launches the payment application on the phone, presenting transaction details for the user to authorise using their secure passcode.

Passcode entry is protected by TrustZone® and cannot be intercepted as it is encrypted within TrustZone® before being passed into the payment application for validation. Once validated, an EMV transaction is performed using exactly the same mechanism as a “card present” transaction made in a physical store.


This prototype was shown at Mobile World Congress 2012, demonstrating fast online secure payments successfully. It now forms part of our mobile wallet component portfolio. For more information about TrustZone®, visit our Products and Services section.