EE & Costa

Case study

"Proxama partnered with EE to launch an NFC Reward Wallet and coffee loyalty card"


In January 2013 Proxama partnered with EE to launch an NFC Reward Wallet and coffee loyalty card, which was to be used in the Costa Coffee concession at the EE head office in Paddington. This campaign was managed by our TapPoint® platform.

The pilot campaign targeted approx. 70 EE employees, who were issued Samsung S3 devices. Employees were invited to download the reward wallet and collect loyalty stamps each time they purchased a coffee or hot drink at Costa Coffee. When employees collected 9 stamps, they were rewarded with a free drink.


By tapping their NFC-enabled Samsung S3 device against a point issuer card provided by the Costa Coffee employee, the EE Reward Wallet launches automatically and a stamp is instantly added to the user’s loyalty card. Upon receiving the 9th stamp the loyalty card animated and replicated the EE branding and presented employees with a notification to redeem their complimentary drink.

The Reward Wallet was developed using TagCenter®. The loyalty card can be recalled at any point using functionality on the home page of the app.

All campaign logic and redemption analytics are managed via Proxama’s campaign management platform TapPoint®.


The campaign went live mid-January 2013 and ran until mid-April at the EE Head Offices.

  • The campaign received over 1950 taps
  • On average, the campaign received 22 transactions per day
  • Each person in the trial benefited from at least 2 free drinks
  • The Costa concession has reported an incremental increase in sales which are directly related to the use of the loyalty card