Experience Worldwide & Blackberry

Case study

"Experiential campaign that promoted the flagship handset, BlackBerry10, which featured NFC technology"


The beginning of 2013 saw the launch of the highly anticipated series of BlackBerry10 smart phones. Experience Worldwide was tasked by BlackBerry to create a consumer-facing experiential campaign that promoted the flagship handset, which featured NFC technology.

The experiential campaign has so far seen three phases; the first of these launched in February 2013 and toured 14 shopping centres throughout the UK, finishing in April. It featured an NFC-powered reward mechanic that enabled consumers to experience the NFC feature of the Z10 by tapping an NFC-enabled poster to claim a free reward. Not only did the campaign raise awareness for BlackBerry, but it also educated consumers on the benefits of NFC technology and created a desire to own a phone featuring NFC.

By the end of the first phase, the campaign had over 7,500 consumer interactions and Experience Worldwide requested a follow-up promotional campaign of the Z10 and the Q10, in support of the Q10 launch. This second phase began in May and used the same reward mechanic as its predecessor, touring 7 additional UK shopping centres. By June the campaign entered its third phase, touring a further 6 UK shopping centres. Now in its fourth phase the total number of interactions has exceeded 13,000.


The objective of this campaign was to incentivise current BlackBerry users to make the switch to the BlackBerry 10 handsets. Powered by Proxama’s marketing platform TapPoint®, Experience Worldwide delivered an interactive rewards game, enabling consumers to directly interact with the handsets and learn about NFC simultaneously. BlackBerry is a pioneer of NFC technology and integrating consumer education into the campaign was an important objective.

Promotional staff at each site invited consumers to win BlackBerry branded products by tapping BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 phones on NFC posters. Prizes included app vouchers, shoulder bags and 2GB USBs.

Rewards were centrally managed via Proxama’s TapPoint® campaign management platform. Real-time analytics were recorded for the duration of the campaign, such as the number and location of taps, comparable data over 24-hour periods and the distribution of rewards.


High interaction rates were seen across the three phases of the campaign and Proxama’s prize mechanic enabled a wide range of possible rewards with custom quantities per site.

  • UK wide across 18 shopping centres
  • Over 13,000 interactions to date
  • Most successful site had over 600 recorded interactions
  • Received over 750 interactions in one day across multiple sites
  • The campaign was deemed so successful that a fourth phase of the campaign will run in July 2013 across a further 9 set locations, as well as a series of guerrilla marketing outdoor campaigns all featuring a new mix of prizes