Gala Bingo

Case study

"In 2013, Proxama worked with Gala Bingo to measure in-club customer engagement with mobile technologies"


Although mobile is a very successful channel for their online business, their in-club retail customer is very different – Gala Bingo were keen to understand if a mobile solution could be deployed as an alternative to their existing paper based voucher and loyalty schemes.


In September 2013, Gala Bingo commenced a 12-week NFC and QR campaign across 6 of their clubs in the North East of England, promoting a £3 off bingo books voucher and loyalty stamp card.

The campaign utilised Proxama’s TapPoint® platform for the creation and management of both campaign experiences, including the voucher and loyalty logic. This enabled Gala Bingo to track and monitor the number of vouchers and loyalty points issued, as well as set perimeters surrounding the number of vouchers and loyalty points that could be collected and redeemed at any one time.

Using a combined approach of NFC and QR ensured that the campaign was wide reaching and all mobile operating systems were able to interact. Using TapPoint® as the content management platform ensured that all campaign content was optimised for all smartphone devices, giving the very best user experience to all who interacted.

Daily analytic reports, sent via the TapPoint® reporting and analytics facility, provided Gala Bingo with detailed insight into the number of vouchers and loyalty points issued and redeemed throughout the campaign, by time of day and by club.

To ensure clubs were full engaged, Proxama provided Gala Bingo with in-club training material consisting of a training video and NFC and QR fact sheets. In addition, Proxama conducted a training workshop with club managers and other key personnel – this gave staff an opportunity to test and use the campaign mechanics and technologies first hand before they launched in their clubs.


The campaign ran for 12 weeks, within 6 clubs:

5,537 vouchers delivered

4,981 vouchers redeemed

89% conversion rate