Case study

"Harrods enhanced the traditional physical window shopping experience to deliver exclusive video and Q&A content"


From Saturday 6th July until Saturday 24th August 2013, Harrods celebrated the expansion of their luxury accessories department with The Handbag Narratives. This was an exhibition showcasing more than 20 of the world’s leading luxury handbag makers, including Gucci, Prada and Mulberry.

Harrods wanted to enhance the traditional physical window shopping experience with a digital add on, which would enable them to deliver exclusive video and Q&A content – enabling handbag fanatics to get up close and personal with their favourite designer.


Harrods integrated NFC and QR into their world famous Brompton Road window displays, enabling consumers to tap and receive exclusive behind the scenes footage from the designers themselves and also tweet about their engagement experience.

The campaign utilised Proxama’s TapPoint® platform for the creation and management of all campaign experiences.

Using TapPoint® ensured campaign content was optimised for all smartphone devices and provided Harrods with detailed interaction analytics against each designer.


The campaign ran for 7 weeks and including 20 experiences in total.

  • 400 interactions in total
  • Average of 10 interactions per day
  • The ‘tweet this’ experience received the most interactions
  • Stella McCartney, Fendi and Mulberry were the brands that received the highest levels of interactions
  • The most popular time of engagement was between 3-4pm