Mastercard & Proxama

Case study

"MasterCard sought to prototype the acceptance of NFC payment transactions using a standard NFC-capable phone - with no additional hardware"


MasterCard sought to prototype the acceptance of NFC payment transactions using a standard NFC-capable phone – with no additional hardware.


Proxama® joined forces with MasterCard to deliver a fast and convenient way for consumers to make payments via their NFC mobile phone or contactless card to another NFC mobile phone.

We created a payment terminal out of an NFC-capable phone to accept transactions without the need for additional hardware such as terminals. This meant that a merchant could simply enter a transaction amount on their mobile and the consumer could make their payment via either their contactless card, or their mobile wallet.

Transaction information is transmitted over the air to a server which securely authenticates the transaction before submitting it for authorisation through the appropriate payment scheme. An SMS text receipt could also be sent to the cardholder’s phone to keep track of transactions.


The prototype was demonstrated at Mobile World Congress (2012) showing successful contactless payments without the need for additional hardware. In addition, it showed how it could increase transaction volumes and be applied to merchants who are not currently serviced by contactless payment terminals – such as tradesmen.