Case study

"Simple fast and safe payments, on any screen"


Currently, the industry is saturated with a number of stakeholders and services that convolute and divide the sale of digital media. This acts as a barrier to engaging the consumer, with no service offering the quintessential solution. The large number of supported devices today, also makes it difficult for services to control licensing of their content via Digital Rights Management.

The resounding message for the consumer seems to be that the industry is simply too complex. The benefits do not often justify the effort required. Having to sign up to multiple services, and repeatedly handing over payment details, discourages consumers.


Proxama worked with Trustonic to develop the Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution, which allows “Any Store” to be combined with “Any Payment” and “Any Media Player”.

The user simply selects a video from their favourite media store. The user pays for the media using a secure online payment application. An encrypted video is downloaded by the user with a license key. The video is decrypted securely when it is played in the user’s media player.


Simple fast and safe payments, on any screen. Trustonic’s Trusted User Interface is implemented to confirm that the user has entered a PIN with the assurance that it has not been intercepted by a rogue third-party.

Decryption of the encrypted file takes place within the TEE, using the user’s allocated license key for the device.